About FAB

FAB is a dynamic and diversified company in various Industrial filed.

Diversification within FAB is product of vast market knowledge gained through years of successful presence in the market and engagement in distribution of products which was commonly used in different Industries.

FAB’s aim is not just to supply products to above Industries but we try to provide world class solution in all related issues of project we are involved in starting from commercial and technical consultancy to define our customer’s needs up to logistic and financial solution.

FAB is one of the most professional companies in Iran with world class standard.

Our product portfolio as well as our selected foreign partners and our references are sufficient enough to support our claim, being one of the most professional companies in Iran serving above industries with world class standard.

In order to stay in the same position not only we constantly trying to offer updated solution to our valuable customers but also we try to keep ourselves alert of any new technological opportunities available in the international market through constant training of our staff and our customers whenever needed.


1995 - 2005

FAB is established on 1995 aiming to take over the Bearing distribution which was formed in our first Co Tajheez which was formed in 1984

In 1999 Tajheez and FAB were merged aiming to have unique strategy for further development.

In 2002 FAB changed her strategy by focusing on industries rather than products. At the same time FAB urged herself to enter to Railway sector1995 – 2005

2006- Now

Until today FAB constantly developing her activities in various part of railway industry

In 2015 two other units were added to FAB business portfolio namely Oil and Gas and Engineering equipment.

In 2016 FAB renewed her contract with her old partner ThyssenKrupp Material and reactivated her Steel business

Latest by FAB

Berlin, 18-21 September, 2018

The international trade fair for Transport Technology has opened on September 18th in Berlin with the theme of "The Future of Mobility” and ended on 21st of September. Over 3000 companies present their achievements in transportation systems at the InnoTrans as the leading fair in the industry.



Now we are well positioned in the market as a service provider to main Iranian Industries and within next 5 years we aim to be No one supplier and service and solution provider in Railway as well as Oil and Gas sector under two professional business units we formed under FAB


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