Our vision is to be a leading trusted and reliable supplier of oil & gas quality products and services


FAB has been a key distributing partner for a number of global manufacturers in the oil & gas industry, for more than 30 years. Built on strong knowledge of our market and extensive research by our dedicated team in the industry, we are proud to have, for many years, represented manufacturers who renowned for their premium products, value innovation and sustainability.
Through partnerships with global oil & gas market leaders, we are pleased to cover a wide range of products and services
including drilling tools, tubulars, casing and drill pipe, pipe lines, drilling equipment, drilling bits, boned steel bars, solid
steel bars, plunger and fittings.
Our vision is to be a leading trusted and reliable supplier of oil & gas quality products and services to the domestic and
neighboring countries by providing strategic supply and service solution agreements with leading international suppliers
of drilling and related equipment.
Our vision is to be recognized by our clients as a reliable and trustworthy partner who can assist them in procurement decision-
making process and offer the after sale product support required.

Hammer & Drill Bits


The hammer and drill bits of Halco are designed to offer optimum drilling performance in deep well oil and gas applications.

Hammer for drilling holes through a wide range of rocks types. In conjunction with DTH hammers the drill bits are available in different sizes and configuration so they can drill a wide range of hole sizes in different ground conditions.

Halco oil & gas hammers & drill bits covers the range below:

Size P/N Hammer Superior Type Shank
6 inch 600 QL 60
7 inch 750 SD 8
8 inch 600433 800 QL 80
10 inch 1000 SD 10
12 inch  600435 1200 DHD 12
15 inch  600437 1500 SD 15
18 inch 1800 SD 18
Size Diameter of drill bit ROP Shank
8 3/4 inch 222 mm 170-250 ft/hr QL 80
12 3/8 inch 314 mm 165-210 ft/hr DHD 112
17 1/2 inch 445 mm 60-115 ft/hr DHD 112
24 inch 610 mm 40 ft/hr SD 15

Drilling Tools


We are the official distributer of ACE, an international drill tool stocker and manufacturer

We will receive all finished items through ACE as well as steel raw material for the oil and gas industry; all items come with international certification and satisfy NIOC requirements.

Products offered by ACE:

Drill Collars (Slick and Spiral)

Heavy Weight Drill Pipes (Integral, Friction Welded and Spiral)

Drill Pipes

Stabilizer forgings, Milled Blades Stabilizers and Hole Openers

Some other Products offered by ACE:

Rotary Reamers Forgings

Rotary Subs, Lift Subs, Lift Plugs

Integral Square and Hexagonal Kellys

Non-Magnetic Products (Drill Collars, Flex and Pony Collars, Stabilizers and Subs)

Oil steels (AISI 4145H Mod. API 7-1, AISI 4130 API 6 A, AISI 4140 – L80 API Spec.

6A / API Spec. 5CT and NACE MR 0175, AISI 4330 V Mod. ASTM A29, Amagnit 501/601)

Fittings & Flanges

Rohr Flansch Fitting Handels GmbH (RFF)

A German company, has a history of 40 years within the oil and gas sector and is globally well-known for stocking and distributing flanges and fittings for oil and gas industry.

RFF covers all downstream plants of petrochemical and refineries also can covers all high pressure equipment for surface of the oil fields.

RFF is in possession of a significant warehouse stock of over 14,000 tons of pipes, flanges and fittings. Combined with a very resourceful taskforce of logistical experts, RFF is renowned for “just in time” distribution.

All RFF products comply with API standards and meet DIN, EN and ASME requirements.

Products offered by RFF:



Tubes & Pipes

Thyssen Krupp Mannex (TKM)

one of our partners, is one of the oldest global providers across the Oil & Gas supply chain.

one of our oldest and most renowned partners, with whom we have worked for more than 30 years through OTTO WOLFF, is one of the most experienced global service providers across the Oil & Gas supply chain.

Thyssen Krupp provides premium semi-finished products used within the Oil & Gas sector such corrosion resistant alloys, stainless steel, and drilling tools.

Products offered by Thyssen Krupp Mannex:



Drill pipes

Spec. OCTG Line Pipes
Industry Oil and gas production Producing and processing Oil and gas, transport of mediums, petrochemicals & chemicals
Products Seamless and welded Casing and Tubing Seamless and welded Line Pipes
Standards API 5CT, Directive 010 API, ASTM, ASME, DIN EN
Dimentions Seamless: up to 10 ¾” (from origins outside China) Depending on production type (seamless/LSAW/ERW) application and material grade
Grades K55, J55, J55 upgradeable, N80, L80 (Type 1) L80 (13Cr), P110, R95, Q125 Carbon Steel (Gr. A up to X80), Alloyed Steel, Stainless Steel (Duplex, Super Duplex), Clad Pipes, Nickel Alloys
Other Ends: Casing: Plain End, LTC, STC, BTC Thread Tubing: Plain End, NUE (8rd), EUE  8rd) Application: Transportation of Mediums, Slurry Pipelines Pipelines for acids and sour/ extremely sour liquids and gases