Since establishing the business in 1995, Fan Avaran Bardo grown and developed in to one of the leading companies in different industries: Steel, Bearing, Oil & Gas and Railway.

To reach this important goal, and with focus in Railway Industry, we have a series of world-class companies in our portfolio which provide our clients with products and expertise:


FAB is partner with one of the leading manufacturers of rolling bearings and linear products worldwide

Our partners is one of the leading manufacturers of precision rolling bearings for the automotive, mechanical engineering and aerospace industries.

FAB has been able to present certification, provide consultation, technical support and delivery directly from suppliers to its clients accordingly. In order to do so FAB established a warehouse with the stock of over 2800 type of bearings under international standards.

The joint catalog of standard products includes more than 40,000 products which are supplied to 60 different sectors. We can offer a comprehensive range of services for advice, diagnostics, maintenance and mounting rolling bearings and complete systems.

Our suppliers is covering nearly all applications in the rolling bearing industry.

To name a limited number of our clients in all industry sectors, we would like to mention Oil & Gas, Railway, Power Plants, Steel, Automotive, Wood & Paper, Mining Industries, etc.

All of ball bearings and roller bearings are manufactured as standard and special bearings in many designs and sizes with diameters ranging from ID 1 mm to OD 15 m. Together with our suppliers we can offers customers comprehensive support and services for the diagnosis, maintenance and mounting of rolling bearings and complete systems.

Our products summarized as below:

Ball Bearings Roller bearings
Needle roller bearings Track rollers
Bearings for screw drives Bearing housings
Radial insert ball bearings, housed bearing units Accessories, etc.



HALCO does have a good reputation across the market place for a number of reasons:

Unrivalled Pedigree (Halco Group were the people who first manufactured DTH products 66 years ago!) other competitors only really entered the DTH world within the last 15-20 years as they have acquired other companies to produce products.

High Quality Products (Halco Group use premium materials and state of the art production techniques to manufacture some of the best performing products on the market. In field trials we regularly outperform other competitors in terms of rate of penetration (drilling speed) as we well as overall product life. The products from other competitors can be good, but you never know if you are getting their premium product or their lower cost budget product from countries with low material quality /cheap prices)

Percussive Drilling Methods Rotary (tri-cone) Drilling Method
DTH Hammer Drilling: Hard rock / Soft Rock       12000ft/4000m Rotary Drilling: Hard rock / Soft Rock       32000ft/10000m
TOP Hammer Drilling: Hard rock / Soft Rock       130ft/40m

Fittings, Flanges & Pipes

Rohr Flansch Fitting Handels GmbH (RFF)

FAB is in business partnership with one of the European leading company that is in the market for almost 40 years up to now

FAB is in business partnership with one of the European leading company that is in the market for almost 40 years up to now

Our partner is able to provide you with a broad range of materials and services for instance different type of flanges, elbows, fittings, pipe and accessories in the dimension range of ½”-30″.

There are various material grades in stock which consists of 14.000 tons of material acc. to DIN, EN and ASME.

We are mainly specialized in following products:

DIN: P250GH, C22.8, 13CrMo44, 16Mo3, P355NH, 1.4307, 1.4404, 1.4541, 1.4571, Al
EN:P245GH, P250GH, C 22.8, 13 CrMo 4-5, 16Mo3, P355QH1, 1.4404, 1.4541, 1.4571
ASTM: (S)A105, P250GH, C 21, F304L, F304, F316L, F316, LF2, F52, F321, 1.4541, 1.4571, 1.4301, 1.4307, F316Ti
Elbows Fittings
DIN/EN: 16Mo3, St 35.8 I / III, S235, TTSt 35N, 13 CrMo 4-5, St 52.0,
L290NB, P235GH TC1+TC2, 1.4541, 1.4571, St 37.0
DIN/EN:, St 35.8 I / III, P235GH TC1 + TC2,
13CrMo 4-5, 16Mo3, 1.4541, 1.4571, L290NB, L360NB
ASTM: WPB, WPL6, WP 316L, WP 304L, L290NB, WP11,
L360NB, Ste 290.7, WP5, WP22, WP91
ASTM: WPL6, WPHY52, WPB, WP304/L, WP 316/L
Pipes Caps
EN: P235GH TC1 + TC2, 16Mo3, P265NL1 TC1, P265 GH TC1, 1.4541, 1.4571 DIN/EN: RSt 37-2, P250 GH, P265 GH (HII), 16Mo3, 10CrMo910,
P355NH / P355NL1/2,P460NH / P460NL1, WStE 420, 1.4541, 1.4571
ASTM: A106 Gr. B, X42 PSL1, A333 Gr. 6, API 5L Gr. 52 ASME/ANSI: A105N, WPB, WP5, WPL6, WP 304L, WP 316L, F304L, LF2, F316L